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  The Company is a Japanese-owned enterprise, was founded in 1989, equipment total investment of 30,000,000 yuan. Continuous years of orders, mainly the production of enameled wire, communications network lines and fuses and other products. Pipelined implementation of the factory floor operations, equipped with central air-conditioning, working environment easy and comfortable; plant have modern plants, garden design, beautiful environment! Standardization of staff quarters, each dormitory room has an independent living facilities. The Company has worked for at least one year, the per person per year paid home leave once 15 days, and reimbursement of the fare. The Company's economy has great strength, talent! Are recruiting the following positions

One.Production inspection staff(many)

Recruitment period: 2008-12-10 ~ 2008-12-31 operational area:Dongguan, Guangdong Province
contact: Deng. Mr. MAIL:
Contact Phone:(If the conditions can be met、Declined calls)
Contact Address: Jing Lian Lndustrial Estate Qiao Tou,DongGuan,Guang Dong,China
Interviews Address: Jing Lian Lndustrial Estate Qiao Tou,DongGuan,Guang Dong,China
Academic requirements:Open Work experience:Open Age requirement:18-year-old to 32-year-old Gender requirements:woman Location:Open
Job Descriptions:
The company all staff basic wage for 1200 yuan/month, normal work time for 5 days the eight-hour workday overtime, Monday to Friday for 10.34 RMB/hour, on Saturday and Sunday, overtime to 13.79 RMB/hour, statutory holidays for regular 20.69 RMB/hour, the average monthly wage income 2500-3000 yuan.
Our factory work time full 1 year per person per year, there are paid a visit one's family false 15 days, and to request my travel reimbursement.
If there is 18-32 life, healthy body, eyesight, moral good young woman, can hold id to our interview.
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